Clare Jacklin

Industry expert

  Clare Jacklin

Clare Jacklin

National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society

Director of External Affairs

Clare has worked for the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society for 11 years and a key member of the NRAS senior management team, Clare is committed to developing the society’s services to ensure that the support that people with RA or JIA require continues to be provided and that the patient voice of people living with these conditions is heard loud and clear.

Clare has managed a wide range of projects over the past 11 years with the aim of improving the lives of all those living with RA including:

  • a unique study into the impact of RA on the family of those living with the disease
  • a major research study into the impact of RA on Emotions, Relationships and Sexuality
  • working with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society on development of the RA Medicine Use Review information sheet
  • participating in a series of interactive workshops across Wales as part of community pharmacist training on RA
  • coordinating a stakeholder event hosted by NRAS on the topic of emerging biosimilar medicines
  • contributing to the NRAS position paper on biosimilars as well working with a number of stakeholders on the topic i.e. NHS England, OAHSN, GABI, British Biosimilars Association
  • development of a one-day workshop “Rheum2Talk” for nurses and allied health care professionals on the topic of supporting patients with the impact of RA on their emotions, relationships and sexuality

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