Mr Chris Payne

Industry expert

 Mr Chris Payne

Mr Chris Payne

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Community Services Manager

Chris has worked in the NHS for over 25 years as a mental health nurse, clinical leader, occasional consultant and crucially an avid proponent for innovative approaches to quality improvement; critically to achieve better outcomes for service users with severe mental illness. He has developed and introduced new and radical models of mental health services built on the principles of true integration and partnership which have led to improving both efficiency and experience for service users and their families who were often from deprived populations. In North East Lincolnshire he supported the merging of adult social care with health care from 2006 following which he moved his entire community services workforce including psychiatry into Primary care centres to work in partnership with GPs where they remain to this day. 

After years of dedication, commitment to redesign and campaigning for improved whole person integrated services, Chris conceived and developed the WHISe initiative as part of his ‘making the pieces fit strategy’ in his community mental health and wellbeing services maintaining “it’s time to WHISe up”!  This has since evolved into a service leading the way in supporting physical and mental health needs achieving excellent health and social care outcomes for service users in the Yorkshire and Humber region and continues to go from strength to strength under the care of the social enterprise NAViGO. Chris was awarded by Medipex as the 2013 NHS Innovation champion in recognition of his achievements and a service innovation award in 2014 following up with a national award for excellence in the care process from the cca the same year and has spoken both nationally and internationally on this subject.

WHISe continues to win recognition and national achievements as an exemplar of good practice for integrating severe mental health and physical health care in England but Chris moved on from NE Lincs in 2016 to consider new ventures working for the EoE NHSE Clinical network and then back to senior operational management with NSFT where he now heads up the community services for West Suffolk.  He has already started revisiting his dedication to this agenda through supporting his new colleagues in the Trust.



East of England Mental Health Network
12:15 - 16:15 | Wednesday 16 January

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