Naheed Rana

Industry expert

  Naheed Rana

Naheed Rana

NHS England

NHS RightCare Delivery Partner and London Diabetes Lead

Dr Naheed Rana is an NHS RightCare Delivery Partner in London, who also leads National, regional and sub-regional NHS RightCare Programmes. With a background in public health, genetics and epidemiology, Naheed has a diverse portfolio to date.  She has 20 years’ experience working in academia, private sector and public sector leading and transforming care underpinned by evidence-based intelligence and innovative solutions.  During this time Naheed has successfully delivered large scale change initiatives across local and national health systems to reduce unwarranted variations, improve population health outcomes and patient experience.  Naheed is passionate about working across systems, transcending barriers to strengthen and support collaboration between partners and create a paradigm shift in how we deliver health and care. She also enjoys science communication and public engagement to enthuse and inspire a wide variety of audiences.


HSJ Diabetes Mellitus Network - South East
12:15 - 16:45 | Wednesday 19 June

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